LdOI Certified Evaluator Assessment Option 2

  • 08 Jun 2016
  • 8:45 AM - 4:00 PM
  • MCESA 4041 N Central Avenue, 11th floor, Phoenix, AZ 85012, Piestewa Peak Room
  • 40


Registration is closed

It’s time to register for your 2016 LdOI Certified Evaluator Assessment (CEA)! In order to better serve your needs, we’ve made changes to enhance the experience and make the process more efficient. 

We look forward to seeing you for our annual LdOI Certified Evaluator Assessment.   

What to expect:

·         We will start promptly at 8:45 AM.

·         Sessions are not timed.  You will want to allow between three and six hours to complete the assessment. You will have the option to break for lunch.  There is a café on the premises but you may wish to bring your lunch.  Refrigerators and microwaves are available.

·         Video One and Two- You will view, script, and score videos of two different LdOI Settings (i.e., Business/Parent Team Meeting, Instructional Conference, Site Visit, Professional Learning, and Leadership Team).  You will turn in your scores, evidence and script for Video 1 and Video 2.

·         Opportunity to Confer- You will have the opportunity to have immediate conversations with a field specialist about questions or clarifications from the video or next steps that will support you as an evaluator in the 2016-2017 school year.

Materials to bring with you:

·         Typical headphones (non-USB, small audio jack)
·         A copy of the Leading Observation Instrument (LdOI)
·         Laptop (if you would like to script electronically)
·         Note paper (if you prefer to script by hand)
·         Pencil and/or pens
·         Water/beverage
·         Layers (if you tend to get hot or cold)


·         Your LdOI CEA will take place at MCESA (4041 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, 85012) on the 11th floor in Piestewa Peak.
·         Park in the garage adjacent to the building.  Do not park in the entrance clearly labeled as IRS parking. 
·         Bring your parking ticket with you as we will validate your parking.
·         Please allow 10 minutes in your travel time to navigate the parking garage and elevators.

Who to Contact

·         Should you have questions and/or clarifications, please contact your field specialist or our administrative assistant, Linda Schaefer, at linda.schaefer@mcesa.maricopa.gov602-506-6557




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